About Us

Lonely Pawz helps lost cats, dogs and other animals throughout Redruth and beyond. With the help of a small team of local volunteers we provide essential medical attention, try to find homes for them and look after them until we do.

Since the charity was set up in 2004, Lonely Pawz has successfully re-homed more than 2,000 pets and continues to help many more every week.

Established by Redruth local vet Jennifer Williamson, who has worked in the area for more than 40 years, Lonely Pawz specialises in helping stray adult cats but also helps many other kinds of small animals including rabbits, hedgehogs and birds. With her veterinary background, Lonely Pawz offers an invaluable safety net to animals in and around Redruth who are down on their luck or in need of medical attention.

The care we provide to the lost, sick or injured animals that come to us includes:​

  • Immediate medical attention
  • Ongoing nursing care as required
  • Worming and flea treatment
  • Accommodation during their stay

On average this costs around £120 for each lost, stray or abandoned animal we help. We can’t do this without your support.

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