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Business Plan for Proposed New Lonely Pawz Centre

kitten needs a homeIf you hadn’t heard, we want to expand Lonely Pawz to meet the growing local demand for people who can’t continue to look after their pets. We’re planning to build a new centre for Lonely Pawz. You can read our Business Plan (in PDF form) by clicking on the link below. We’d very much appreciate any feedback you have – you can either leave it in the comments box below or post on our Facebook page.

Link to Lonely Pawz Business Plan for New Centre.


cakesIf anyone out there feels like baking a cake or cakes etc for the Lonely Pawz stall on Sat we would be so grateful! My baking skills are non existent ~ the last one I tried to make exploded in the oven and blew the door off!I will be in all day on Friday and if you don’t know where to come give us a call on 01209 215010. I could collect!

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cat needing home in boxTaken in 2 more cats from a sad family who have been made homeless. They will be in the living room next but what could we do?No room anywhere else and they tried everywhere. ended up with the family in the car. Please can someone give a cat a home? Will put details of these up later. See you all at the dog show on Sat? Please come and have fun and help us raise funds! We are stacked out and BROKE!!!!!

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